Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Heading back to Budapest

We'll be leaving Istanbul today, but I will probably keep posting photos from the trip when I get home. And Home, apparently, is freaking out. Hungary's Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, admitted what we all know - that politicans lie a lot (and admonished his party that this might not be a good thing, in fact.) Hungary's right wing responded by a night of riots and burning the Magyar TV building.

It's all a bit suspicious: Budapest police intercepted a video recording last week of some right wing nut case ranting about Budapest going up in flames, and right wing poster boy and claimant to the throne of King of Hungary, the ever prevaricating Viktor Orban, was out of the country, just as he is every time some right wing street uprising erupts in Hungary. So we are leaving Istanbul - where we have been ducking the bombing campaign designed by the Kurdish PKK to scare away Turkey's tourists - to return to this: Budapest, last night at the Magyar TV headquarters in downtown Pest.And of course, this:

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