Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Happy Warm Feeling!

Back in the Old Country, the Democrats have taken back the Congress. The Evil Empire is weakening! Since I can't treat millions of those who voted Democratic to a real party, let me at least provide virtual goodies, left over from our time in Istanbul in August. Hey, it's on me. Dig in. No ice cream for the Republicans though. They have to be fit and trim to face their corruption and war crime trials. Oh... and isn't it about time the US institutes socialized medicine? Go to it, Speaker Pelosi! Syrup soaked semolina slabs, not as sweet as you would imagine. Morer semolina slabs, topped with cream in some cases, from the Sarayi sweets shop on Istiklal Caddesi. Baked custard to the right, and profiterol below. Asure, the classic ramadan sweet pudding. As with many Turkish sweets, the ingredients are surprising - a pudding made with whole wheat and beans, sweetened, and topped with chopped nuts and dried fruits. If the Sultan ate Maypo, this is what it would taste like. More pistachio baklava. Believe me, this is much better than the stuff you get at your local felafel and gyro joint.

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