Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dejan's Birthday at Kafana...

I am pleased to say that I will be going to London later this week. London is about as close as it gets to New York City - it seems to have been built by the same folks at the same historical period, although London has some Roman ruins while New York, on the other hand, has some Lenape Indian shelters near the Geroge Washington Bridge. Fish and chips photos will be coming. Until then, we have tepertő... pork fat and chips...Tepertő are pork fat cracklings. simple, killer, fried pork fat skin. Eat 'em and die. US $7 a kilo. But we are all going to die anyway, so why not from eating tepertő? These beat potato chips by a long shot. Personally, I am not a big fan of these - the pork skin/fat tepertő version, but the goose skin variation (preferred by local Jews... of which I count myself) are heavenly. Just as deadly, but better. Speaking of death by good food, we had dinner at the Kafana... Serb-o-centric platter for four with cevapcici, pleskavica, vesalica, chicken breast, and Lord know what else... hey, it was Dejan's birthday!This was more than enough... for four of us, with wine we each spent under US $20. Of course, the house drowned us in their unique generosity as well... you don't walk out of a Serb party... you roll or are carried out. Kafana is a Serb restaurant run by our good friend Nenad Angelic, who used to run the kitchen at the Castro Bisztro. Here we see him toasting with birthday boy Dejan Dobrota from Split, Dalmatia.... Nenad is the one that needs a shave... Nenad has a new operation running... making palinka (plum brandy.. AKA slivovitz) in Serbia ten kilometers from the Hungarian border and importing it to his restaurant in Budapest. Serbs like to drink slivovitz in little science project style glasses like these...Ajde Zhivoli! This was the Serb combo platter for four people... one of the best quality offerings in Budapest if you are going out for a meat eating celebration. Relatively good and extremely affordable.

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